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GreatWestern Depots Project Update

November 1, 2019

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SGWD Committee Meeting Minutes 12-2-19

December 10, 2019

Save the Great Western Depots Committee Meeting Minutes    

December 2, 2019 Loveland Development Center 5 - 6pm


Co-Chair Paula Sutton called the meeting to order and passed a sign-in sheet.

Present: Paula Sutton, Sharon Danhauer, Teri Johnson, Bruce Croissant, Pam Sheeler, Ken Jessen, Jim Cox, Robin Ericson, Danielle Hastings, and Brian Mulligan.


Absent: Nikki Garshelis, Olivia Lowe, Sally Hain, Mike Perry, Linda Leonard, Rachael Gadecki, Meg Dunn. 

Sharon Danhauer volunteered to take the minutes.


Teri Johnson, Pres. of Loveland Historical Society, reported that the regular LHS Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 26, had been postponed due to a snow storm, so the Oct.  22 meeting minutes have yet to be officially approved, but she read the pertinent section of the draft of those minutes.  The LHS Board voted to move ahead with fundraising for the Great Western Depots project, based on the City’s Rough Order of Magnitude document, which gives cost estimates.  She reiterated that the funds raised are not LHS money, except for the initial $2,000 LHS members voted in March, 2019, from the LHS General Fund to match funds raised up to that point for the assessment of the buildings’ condition, telling us whether or not they could be moved.   


The SGWD account (necessarily handled by LHS as a non-profit) has $3,670, after taking out $3,000 to pay for the building assessment which was $1,000 less than estimated.


$1,329 more is needed for an RFP (Request for Proposal) for an assessment of the abatement of hazardous materials, which is hoped to be accomplished by spring.  The overall goal is to raise $63,000 to move the buildings onto a new foundation.  We have raised $6,000 to date.  Now that we know the depots can be moved, the fundraising campaign will swing into high gear.  


Next, the COL (City of Loveland) hopes enough funds can be raised by March 2020 to make it possible for the COL to apply for a state grant in April.  If half the grant amount can be raised ($25,000) there is a very good chance that the grant would be awarded.  Again, LHS as a non-profit can fund-raise, but the COL cannot.  Also, the City Council, who has to accept the depots and approve the project plan, would be pleased to see that amount of progress by March. 


From the agenda: Fundraising ideas presented by Bruce C:

Set a high-end goal to work towards

Set campaign start and end dates to generate excitement

Set methods and assign volunteers to be responsible for a task

Talk to Loveland Cultural Services (the Museum), who will oversee the depots when

the COL owns them, about the future use of the depots


(Task/responsibility are bolded; needs are italicized)

Short term fundraising goals:

Ask Letters - the end of the year is perfect time to ask for donations; need repeated letters to the editor/guest column Sharon, Paula and others develop large and small

donation letters; Committee was encouraged to write letters to publications

GW page on the LHS website – Sharon ask webmaster for a separate page

Email campaign, social media, etc. – Sharon, Paula, & Amy Huckaby (LHS Secretary)

Marketing – Call NPR Radio – Robin

Coasters/Ornaments - sell tree ornaments for next year or possibly as free promotion

coasters to breweries, restaurants. Paula and Danielle  

Logo – Paula and Danielle ask artist Jim Metcalf; Bruce ask his sister

Go Fund Me unassigned so far

Signs – large sign at depot w/ QR Code, LHS web site, and large progress thermometer;

Nikki Garshelis and Danielle’s friends design;                   will build.

Yard signs and window stickers – Danielle submitted quote from Signarama


Mid-term fundraising goals:

Bricks – Bruce check into selling pavers; Paula check with COL to use in project plan

Block Party – Nikki, Danielle, Brian, and sub-committee develop; microbreweries

participate June 2020.

Tour de Pants silent auction - May, 2020 – 5 or 6 volunteers needed; items needed;

co-ordinate with Nikki

Solicit local businesses – Pam and Danielle; Danielle compare lists with Teri so that

there’s no overlap of solicitation from LHS for its general fund.

Solicit GW Sugar, OmniTRAX RR – Jim and Bruce

Framed fine art (screen prints of depots) – Danielle’s friend Chris Bates sell $50 ea. 

Video of GW history, Public Service announcements, possibly Colorado Experience,

etc. – Danielle knows a documentarian  


Long term fundraising goals:

Grants – Robin research, write foundation and corporation grants (Boettcher); need someone else to do other type grants.

Rollingstock – Is it possible to obtain any GWRWy rolling stock?  Engine 51 is restored

and sitting in Hudson; combo car 100 is at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, unrestored; more than one Dinky are still in the area; a caboose is at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum in Greeley.   



Next meeting: Dec. 16, 2019, at Verboten Brewery, 127 E. 5th, Loveland at 5:30pm. 

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