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GreatWestern Depots Project Update

November 1, 2019

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SGWD Meeting Minutes Dec. 16

December 22, 2019

Co-Chairs Paula Sutton/Sharon Danhauer called the meeting to order and passed a sign-in sheet.  Sharon Danhauer took the minutes.    (Tasks and those responsible are bolded)


Present: Paula Sutton, Sharon Danhauer, Philip Davidson, Brian Mulligan, Danielle Hastings, Bruce Croissant, Sally Hain, Mike Perry, Pam Sheeler, Linda Leonard, Cathy Parkhurst, Ken.  Jessen, Robin Ericson, and Jason Rogers.


Absent: Nikki Garshelis, Rachel Gadecki, Olivia Lowe, Meg Dunn, Teri Johnson, Jim Cox


From the Agenda:

Set a high-end goal to work towards – discussion on the merits of asking a little more than we anticipate might be needed.  As everything is an estimate, always the case in construction, a contingency percentage needs to be tacked on to the top.  20% is normal.  Also need Marketing $$ included in this – how much to include and expenses for signage?  Goal of $75K? 


Set campaign start and end dates – Bruce and Danielle will work out a time-line

As we go through updates, set tentative timeline/due dates

Group was unsure what the city’s deadline is for initial fundraising, and unclear about Nikki’s earlier mention of March.  Paula will get clarification from Rachel/Nikki for grant purposes and for taking to city council.


Short term fundraising goals UPDATES:

Ask Letters - need repeated letters to the editor/guest column Sharon, Paula and others develop large and small donation letters; Committee was encouraged to write letters to publications.

GW page on the LHS website – Sharon will work on getting separate page for SGWD and will follow up with LHS webmaster and treasurer.  Also discussion on process of accepting donations directed to SGWD.  Unique URL for transactions needed, i.e. lovelandhistorical.org/depots

Email campaign, social media, etc. – Sharon, Paula, & Amy Huckaby (LHS Secretary)

A suggestion was made to use “Next Door” for announcements, similar to what we are posting on Facebook.  Get emails when a donation has been made, etc.  Danielle mentioned using Constant Contacts to manage our email lists.  There is a cost to this, not sure if it would be cost effective for our small campaign.  Concern with sending a block of emails from a private email account. This can be done up to 50 at a time.OK to use

Friends of LHS email list.   

Marketing – Call NPR Radio – Robin waiting for development of information for a general grant application before moving forward, expected to do this by Jan. 30

Coasters/Ornaments - Paula and Danielle - sell tree ornaments for next year or possibly as free promotion coasters to breweries, restaurants.

Ornaments – Paula passed around samples she and Sharon created as an idea for a fundraiser.  Group generally liked the idea, but will wait until next Christmas for a push with new logo.  In the meantime, try to sell 14 samples we have at the museum and Tour de Pants silent auction.  Paula was able to create and get them for about $10 ea. We will sell them for $20 each.

Coasters - Danielle and Paula will work on and messaging. Robin also has a coaster idea.


Logo – Paula and Danielle - Danielle asked artist John Metcalf with Perfect Square www.perfectsquare.net.  Bruce’s sister declined to help.  John Metcalf would normally charge $2,200 to design logo, which can be used for flyer, poster, window clings, rack cards, and door hangers, but will only charge $1,000.  Group voted to move forward with talking to him re: designing a logo.  Hopefully can be ready by Jan. 15.  Danielle will contact him to get more info on his work and samples, plus agreement for engagement contact. Paula will ask if LHPC has any $$ to put towards this; History Colorado may have a grant for this type of work. Robin will check into this or ask Nikki.  We need to look into getting $$ to pay for the design work.


Go Fund Me – Phillip will find out more info and be in charge.  Discussion by Phil and Robin, both were knowledgeable regarding the set up and effectiveness.  Still need to wait for logo and messaging development.  Discussion that GFM keeps 1- 3% administration fees. It would be a different venue from the LHS website to solicit donations. Can direct message, target certain item we wish to fund, i.e. asbestos/lead paint abatement, moving structures, graphic design, etc.


Need to create a budget – Paula/Sharon/Robin to work on this.  All foundations will want to see our budget and how much we need to raise on a grant application.  And a budget is a necessary prerequisite for marketing.   


Sharon left at this point and Paula continued taking minutes.


Signs – large sign at depot w/ QR Code, LHS web site, and train on track with changeable progress numbers. Nikki Garshelis - COL (City of Loveland) will design and build.   Nikki needs to know goal amounts and again we need the budget before moving forward.

Yard signs and window stickers – Danielle submitted quote from Signarama.


Danielle reminded everyone of the quote she passed out for advertising. She presented a doorhanger as an idea to promote the Depots with information regarding the depots on one side and perhaps getting a sponsor for the printing and having their logo on the back.  We need to wait to go forward on this until we have graphics ready/logo/etc.


Bricks – Bruce presented information from three sources; That’s My Brick seemed to be the best option.  He talked to Susan Ison about the Museum’s brick campaign. Said they made $10K. Thought we could too. Company name was Kendahar.com ??  

Also, talked to Berthoud Historical Society; they used a local company.

That’s my Brick - $20 minimum per brick

We would need a campaign strategy for the program.

Bruce contacted Nikki about using them at the depots after the buildings are moved and to incorporate into the overall development plan. Didn’t hear back. Paula will check with COL to use in project plan. 

Someone mentioned Dwayne Webster park has commemorative bricks. Probably done through Parks and Rec or private group.


June 13 Block Party – Danielle explained what is being planned: Historic Bike Ride, old fashioned games, Runza burgers, beer, Old Rail Ale, etc.; Loveland Great Rail Ale…

Verboten is on board with this.  She is working on a flier – save the date.

Discussion on permits needed – liquor permit for sure, may not need parks permit. Danielle will check into this.   Slogan – “Every pint counts!”


Discussion on getting emailing lists from Chamber and DDA, do these cost?  Will follow-up with Jim Cox since he is on the board.  We may try to get notices, advertisement in these publications.


Grants – Work with Robin on “Ask” amount. She is working on a common grant, still needs a bit more info to complete.  Robin has about 14 she is looking into – some are “no solicitation”, submit 500 words only; others are an application process; she will put the information into a spreadsheet for tracking.  Info in common grant can be used in these as well.


Mid-term fundraising goals UPDATES:

Bricks – Bruce (see above)

Block Party – Nikki, Danielle, Brian, and sub-committee develop (see above)

Tour de Pants silent auction – May 16, 2020 – 5 or 6 volunteers needed; items needed;

co-ordinate with Nikki – Paula provided brief update for general info for new people, more discussion later. 

Solicit local businesses – Pam and Danielle - Danielle will compare lists with Teri to avoid an overlap of solicitation from LHS for its general fund.  NOTHING YET

Solicit GW Sugar, OmniTRAX RR – Jim and Bruce  NOTHING YET

Boettcher Foundation – Robin Erickson  NOTHING YET

Video of GW history, Public Service announcements, possibly Colorado Experience,



Long term fundraising goals UPDATES:

Framed fine art (screen prints of depots) – Danielle’s friend Chris Bates sell $50 ea. (Discussion postponed until a later meeting, and moved from Mid Term Goals to Long Term Goals).   

Grants – Robin research, write foundation and corporation grants; need someone else

to do other type grants.

Rollingstock – Is it possible to obtain any GWRWy rolling stock?  Engine 51 is restored

and sitting in Hudson; combo car 100 is at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, unrestored; more than one Dinky are still in the area; a caboose is at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum in Greeley.   


Discussion on meeting times to include city staff.  Agreed to hold one of the two monthly meetings at the city at 4pm.  Decided it will be Jan. 13.  (Later changed to Jan 14 due to a conflict with LHS meeting night.)  


Next two meetings:

Dec. 30 4pm at Verboten Brewery and Jan. 14 at the City Development Center


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