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Welcome to the Loveland Historical Society document repository. Select the category of document you would like to view.

This repository contains the meeting minutes for all regularly and specially scheduled board meetings

This repository contains copies the newsletters we send to our subscribers and members.

This repository contains our organizations bylaw, policy and agreement documents

This repository contains details and timelines of the history of Loveland

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The Loveland Historical Society has produced two publications, which are an excellent starting point for your exploration of Loveland's colorful history. Proceeds from publication sales are returned to the Loveland Historical Society and the Loveland Museum/Gallery.

This publication provides an overview of Loveland’s history, beginning with the first settlers in the late 1850s.  Each of the ten chapters contains maps to help you locate historical sites.


136 pages, $12.95.

This publication documents the immigrant group known as the Germans from Russia, which was heavily recruited by the Great Western Sugar Company to provide manual labor in the sugar beet fields.

14 pages, $2.00.

These publications may be purchased at the following locations:

Book Haven : 680 E29th Street, Loveland, CO 80538 (970) 667-6742

Loveland Museum/Gallery : 503 N. Lincoln Ave. Loveland, CO 80537 (970) 962-2410

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