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Volunteer your time or materials

We are always looking for members of the community with a wide range of skills for upcoming projects. If you think you have a skill that we can put to good use, if you have some materials to donate or perhaps know of a group or organization that we may be interested in working with, please let us know!

One of the better-known benefits of volunteering is the impact on the community. Volunteers are the glue that holds the city of Loveland together. Volunteering in your own home town allows you to connect with your community and make it a better place.

Dedicating your time as a Loveland Historical Society volunteer will allow you to make new friends, expand your network, and a chance to put your social skills to work. The Loveland Historical Society is seeking volunteers for a number of assignments:

  • Docents for events including Tour of Homes.

  • Assistance at LHS properties: landscape maintenance, garden hardscape, landscape design, maintenance, small and large scale landscape maintenance construction.

  • Events Coordinator (and committee members)

  • Grant Writer

  • Volunteer Coordinator

Medina Cemetery cleanup 9-9-12008
Working at Mariano Medina Family Cemetery
Setting Medina's replacment stone
Susan Kneibes measuring Rock for OCTA plaque July 2012
At MMFC Trails plaque dedication 5-18-2013
Setting Headstone
Volunteers Mariano Medina Family Cemetery 5-17-2015
Trails plaque dedication at MMFC 5-18-13
MedinaCemeterymeeting 11-23-13
George and Barb Franke 2016 Cherry Pie Festival
ANFRM Ice Cream Social Aug 15, 2016
Pancake breakfast fundraiser Appleby's 2011
LHS Cherry Pie 2012
Giants among the railroad!
Benefit Garage Sale for Virginia Dale Comm Club 4_27_13
LHS Little Thompson Crossing, Cherokee Trail May 31, 2014
HistPresvComm lists MSH Natl Register 7-21-2014
Diane w art panels silent auction MSH 5-4-13
LHS at OregonTrail Ruts, Gurnsey WY 8-2011
Historical BusTour at Sylan Dale Ranch 5-11-13
Milner_Schwarz Summer 2008
Grain wagon at MMFC donated by CSU June 2016
LHS WY State Capitol Dec 2014
MasterGardners planting serviceberries MSH 5-7-16
Ron Sheets w donation Jan 13
Earl and Twila Stevens July 4, 2013 Lone Tree School
CookStove MSH 12-8-12 by Jim Burry
putting up signs June 2012
Board members at the MS house
Volunteering at the Cemetary
Maintaining the Cemetary
A Helping Hand
Valentines Day at Milner_Schwarz House
A Helping Hand
Wallpapering the Milner_Schwarz house
Christmas time at the Milner_Schwarz house

Thank you! We will be in touch soon!

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