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Save the Great Western Depots update (Oct. 2022)

Loveland Historical Society’s Save the Great Western Depots Committee is thrilled to announce that the citizens of Loveland, all of Larimer County, and even beyond have generously supported our project, so that we have been able to match the Boettcher Foundation’s $15,000 grant to help save the GWRRy depots. Thank you to each and every one who has pitched in so far!

However, we will still need to fundraise to reach our goal of $86K. That goal may have to change to reflect the current inflation problem. We will keep going until this important task is accomplished! Work that still needs to be done is the abatement of hazardous materials, a new foundation for the depots, moving them both, and the actual restoration of the depot buildings.

We still plan on moving them south about 100’ onto city property. The city is planning on building low-income housing just east of the depots’ new location and will incorporate them into those plans. All the commemorative bricks that have been purchased will go into the landscaping surrounding the depots. We would like to display some artifacts and photos inside both buildings no matter what their reuse will be. We will gladly take donations of Great Western Sugar ilk, or small railroad items, especially GWRWy items. Whether or not they are actually displayed will depend on the reuse decision, space requirements, condition, etc., and will be decided by the Historical Society and the city staff. Loveland Cultural Services will have prevue over the depots when they are reopened to the public.

We’re so close! Let’s keep the momentum up until the goal has been reached! You can donate here on our website via Pay Pal, or you can mail a check to LHS, P.O. Box 7311, 80537, or buy a brick


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