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Update of Grant Work at Mariano Medina Family Cemetery

Larimer County’s Small Community Grant required us to raise the seating stones to ADA height compliance. We picked out some larger stones that Arkins Quarry will deliver, and we have a donation for the cost of delivery that will be counted towards the grant match. Arkins Quarry has graciously agreed to remove the present stones, and to pro-rate the cost of the new stones from the old stones, plus they assured us that the cost of the new stones will be kept at a mini-mum. They also generously donated our two donor stones, as you may recall.

Bill is repairing the cemetery entrance sign, as it was starting to warp, no fault of the Eagle Scout who built it originally. Also he’ll need to reset the Medina headstone, as some vandal tried and failed to steal it, probably due to its great weight. Five wonderful volunteers pulled weeds inside the fence a couple of weeks ago, and it still looks good! Thanks guys! Northern Water cannot give us a grant to add an irrigation system, as using more water against their whole premise of conservation. But they gave us good advice on prairie grasses. We think it’ll take two to three years for the grass to show much improvement, since we nearly killed it all by over mowing, unless we get a windfall and can put in an irrigation system or a well.


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